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Under Sun Acres is in the process of commissioning four combined heat and power reciprocating gas engines. The engines will supply the Ontario electricity grid with 13 MW of electricity, and waste heat recovered from the engine exhaust and jacket will be utilized to heat the greenhouse. With realized efficiencies of almost 95% these engines serve a two-fold purpose.

Cogen is the cutting edge of energy generation and consumption for commercial and industrial applications. The engines will work in unison with our existing hot water boilers and buffer storage tank to provide efficient and reliable heat to the greenhouse throughout the year.

“Energy efficiency has become one of the cornerstones of global energy policies, essential in order to meet the growing energy demand while protecting natural resources and the quality of life. In this context, cogeneration plays a topical role, allowing up to 30% primary energy savings and ensuring measurable objective benefits in various application areas that we want to explore through this channel.” – cogenerationchannel.com

For an in-depth look at cogeneration take a look at this article from the team at U Gaat Bouwen – Standardization of Modular CHP Plants Facilitate Rapid Expansion of Greenhouse Sector

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