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Cogeneration – IESO E-LT1 Expansion

IESO E-LT1 Expansion
Under Sun Acres Green Energy – Plant 2

As part of the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO’s) Expedited Long Term Reliability Project Request for Proposal (E-LT1 RFP) to competitively procure year-round capacity from dispatchable resources, Under Sun Acres Green Energy is proposing to expand their existing 13.3 MW electricity production facility. The expansion will consist of one (1) additional natural gas fired combined heat and power engine with an electrical output of up to 3.3 MW. The engine will be located inside the existing facility and will achieve an efficiency of ~90% or greater with the utilization of heat recovery equipment, where the waste heat from the engine is recovered and utilized to heat Under Sun Acres’ production greenhouse.

Proponent: Under Sun Acres Green Energy

Name of Project: Under Sun Acres Green Energy – Plant 2

Nameplate Capacity: Up to 3.33 MW

Technology: One (1) natural gas fired combined heat and power engine

Project Site: 620 Mersea Road 10, Staples, Ontario N0P 2J0

Community Engagement Plan

Project Website – https://undersunacres.com/cogen-exp/

  • Description of proposed project as well as general details of existing plant
  • Project proponent, name of project, nameplate capacity and technology
  • Project map showing boundaries of Project Site, location of Connection Point and Connection Line
  • Contact Information

Notice of Public Community Meeting

  • Posted to website
  • Delivered to Municipality of Leamington
  • Delivered to each owner of property located adjacent to boundaries of Project Site

Public Community Meeting

  • A public community meeting was held to discuss the project on December 13, 2022 at 10:00 am

Minutes of Public Community Meeting
(this link opens a PDF, with a download option)

Project Updates and Results of Proposal will be posted on Project Website

For all inquiries regarding this project please contact:

Lucas Semple
Under Sun Acres Green Energy
519-326-9567 Ex. 4

Chris Del Greco
Under Sun Acres Green Energy
519-326-9567 Ex. 1

Site Plan

Facility Plan View

Facility Plan view

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